When we embarked on our story, we put our hearts into it. As a result, we’ve been providing catering for schools, businesses and healthcare facilities for over 70 years, using tailored, quality services with a focus on food safety and people’s wellbeing.

Facility services

To get even closer to people we decided to take care of the indoor and outdoor spaces they live and work in. Our general services range from industrial cleaning to energy management to maintenance services where speed, efficiency and flexibility are an important part of what we offer.

We’ll propose the right solution for you.


Who we are

We’re one of Italy’s biggest catering providers and we’ve been investing in a precious resource: our people for over 70 years. On entering the facility management sector in 2016 we widened our offer with services that take care of environments and workplaces. Every day we’re in schools, businesses and healthcare facilities to offer our customers more care, more quality, more efficiency and more choice. Because ever since we started, we’ve insisted in getting better. Because we’re CAMST and we’re more than one choice.


Our approach to sustainability is based on the choices we make every day. And because we’re growing fast, we’re committed to caring about basic issues such as health, wellbeing, food waste, safeguarding the environment, resources and social responsibility. To keep on course, we have set our sights on Agenda 2030.