Soft Services

Our soft services give you more than one choice. Our aim is to make environments safer and more comfortable and create more productive workplaces in line with customer and visitor expectations. We want to ensure optimum performance and levels of service, encourage proactivity and respond quickly to customer requests. We operate in the following fields:

Environmental cleaning and sanitization

We manage cleaning and sanitization services to maintain workplaces in public and private companies, civil, healthcare facilities and industrial organizations. Our in-house technical unit is capable of managing the design stage and providing the required services, so giving the customer the assistance, they need. We specialize in cleaning management in three areas:
  • General
  • General and technical (industrial and healthcare fields)
  • Classified (pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering and healthcare).

General services for businesses

Optimization of times and resources, reliability, punctuality and competence: these are the values underpinning our work in every situation. We’re able to offer our customers a vast range of general services for businesses, including:
  • Reception
  • Call Center
  • Post management / Courier reception
  • Porterage and errand running
  • Car park management
  • Spaces management

Handling and porterage

We manage the handling and porterage of goods, furnishings and documents with the help of specific machines and equipment.

Waste management

We provide waste management, including transfer of waste from secondary collection points to final storage areas. Waste is sorted by type (paper, waste in bags, plastic, drums, metals, glass, liquids and pallets) before transfer to the final storage area. We manage special and hazardous waste, which is handled on the basis of its EWC coding. We also provide extraordinary management of waste (production rejects) and compactors.

Environmental disinfestation

Our environmental disinfestation services include disinfestation of creeping and flying insects and rodent control, involving analysis, design, intervention and monitoring.

Outdoor area management

Our services cover consulting, design and maintenance of green areas and implementation of snow plans (from mechanical and manual removal of snow to measures for eliminating ice from pavements).

Surveillance services (unarmed)

We provide intermediation, consulting, organization and monitoring of surveillance and corporate security services.

Industrial laundry and linen rental/laundry

We offer supply, rentals, washing, sterilization and transport of working clothes for general and classified areas.