To offer you catering and facility services with increasing degrees of safety we decided to adopt an Integrated Management System that enables us to certify quality, food safety, traceability, environmental protection, workplace health & safety and corporate social responsibility.

Independent authorized certification organizations verify the conformity of our Integrated Management System to mandatory and voluntary standards on the basis of periodical audits.

Customers and customer satisfaction
always at the centre

ISO 9001
Ristorazione Facility Services

ISO 9001 is an international quality standard geared to priorities such as full customer satisfaction and ongoing improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of all a company’s processes.

360° food safety

ISO 22005

To raise the safety threshold for food preparation, Camst obtained ISO 22005 certification to guarantee food traceability in the production of meals in the main centralized kitchens.

ISO 22000

In 2010, Camst adopted an ISO 22000-certified management system for food safety in its main production sites. ISO 22000 is the reference standard enabling operators to verify their compliance with EU hygiene and food safety regulations.


Certification of conformity to this standard guarantees correct use of organically produced food.

Protection of workplace
health & safety

ISO 45001

ISO 45001:2018 is the new international standard for protection of workers all over the world. It defines how to improve workers’ health & safety and wellbeing and reduce risks in the workplace whilst making it possible to improve performance, taking into account the interaction between company, context and business.

We are continually
protecting the environment


Camst registered with EMAS in 2019 to be able to assess and improve its environmental performance and provide stakeholders with information about its environmental management.

ISO 14001
Ristorazione Facility Services

ISO 14001 certification is a voluntary step that organizations take in order to improve their internal environmental management. The objective of this international standard is to promote continual improvement of organizations’ environmental performance.

ISO 50001

Camst obtained ISO 50001 certification in 2017 to guarantee the ongoing improvement of its energy performance.

Facility Services

F-GAS certification is mandatory under D.P.R. 43 (27 January 2012), the main aim of which is to safeguard the environment and guarantee that all operators have the requisites and necessary competence to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Facility Services

The Ecolabel certification is a voluntary ecological brand that certifies the reduced environmental impact of those products and services offered by a company that has obtained their use, representing an important step towards environmental and sustainable improvement.

UNI CEI 11352
Facility Services

The UNI CEI 11352:2014 standard defines the general requirements of ESCOs (Energy Services Companies) which provide their customers with services aimed at improving energy efficiency compliant with the UNI CEI EN 15900 standard, with guaranteed results.

Requirements for participation in public procurement

Facility Services

The SOA certificate is a needed certification in order to participate in tenders for the execution of public works contracts. It certifies that the Company operating into the construction field meets all the requirements laid down by the current legislation in the field of Public Works Contracts to carry out a public work with suitable categories and classifications.

The ethical quality
of our products and services

SA 8000
Ristorazione Facility Services

To further enhance its social responsibility profile, Camst has adopted a management system to SA 8000, the first international standard enabling an organization to guarantee it is socially responsible, i.e. that it is committed to abiding by ethical labour regulations and publicly repudiates all working conditions characterized by inhumanity, exploitation, wage discrimination and unhealthy conditions in the workplace.


All employees can report infringements of this standard, also anonymously. Every report is investigated.

SA8000 contacts
Paola Bertocchi

051-2107657 (office hours)

Ristorazione Facility Services
Workers' representative
Corrado Alessi - CU.CE. Chieri

011-9444305 (Mon-Fri 14-15.30)

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via Calderara 21 - 20153 Milano

HR management

ISO 30415 certificate
Ristorazione Facility Services

The certificate was issued at the conclusion of the Camst group maturity assessment based on the ISO 30415 guideline (Human resources management - diversity and inclusion) conducted by the SGS certification body. The 2022 assessment, renewed in 2023, launched a process of measurement and evaluation of policies, procedures and practices, through which areas for improvement and actions to be implemented are highlighted in view of a possible path for obtaining the gender equality certificate.