Tech Services

Our Tech Services give you more than one choice. Our Facility Tech Services offering includes feasibility studies, construction and maintenance (routine and extraordinary) of technological plant serving civil, commercial and industrial buildings. We are active in the following areas:

Construction and maintenance of technological plants

Our customers can count on our experience in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of civil and industrial technological plants. From initial design activities through to final testing we assist customers with all the professionalism of our engineers and offer solutions based on the most advanced technological and eco-sustainable innovations.

We specialize in three categories of plant:
  • mechanical (heating, thermal power, heat management, civil and industrial air conditioning, water and sanitary, fire protection, air treatment and environmental filtration, water treatment and softening, “Third Party Responsible” under DPR 412/93);
  • electrical and building automation (transformer substations, distribution boards and networks, uninterruptible power supply, electrical distribution networks, architecture lighting, special safety and security plants);
  • energy conversion and renewable sources (feasibility studies, design and construction of cogeneration, trigeneration, photovoltaic and solar thermal plants).
We also have consolidated experience in the design and construction of special HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) plant and the construction of cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics and food industries.

Energy Management

We use energy intelligently. Not only to optimize our results but above all to operate a policy of tight control over resources and consumption levels.

We also have consolidated experience in the Energy Management sector and can assist our customers with a full range of services and activities, including:
  • Energy efficiency improvement to reduce/contain energy consumption
  • Regulation and centralized supervision systems
  • Remote management systems and services
  • Electrical, electronic and digital instrumentation
  • Open regulation systems, with standard communication bus integration
  • Energy efficiency improvement feasibility studies and projects

Maintenance engineering

Maintenance engineering provides a platform for effective plans to reduce maintenance costs, especially in industry. Preventive maintenance, implementation of the main efficacy and efficiency indicators, programming of activities and lean maintenance service are the defining characteristics of our offering.

We assist our customers with a full range of maintenance engineering services and activities, including:
  • MEL (Main Equipment List) and plant mapping campaigns, with relative updating of the customer’s management system
  • Plant Data Analysis and Failure Reports
  • Management of maintenance using digital platforms (CAMST’s and/or customer’s)
  • Drafting of maintenance plans and issue of relative Work Orders (WO)
  • Reporting and statistics on work done for tighter control over sensitive data and maintenance budgeting

Validation, qualification and calibration

Safety is a quality we want to guarantee for all businesses. We do this with validation and qualification services for cleanrooms, laboratories and operating theatres. These services verify the reliability of plants and measure the degree of safety of controlled environments.

We carry out the following types of testing using specific instruments:
  • Particulate measurements for classes GMP and ISO
  • Laminar flow speed measurements
  • Flow rate measurements (vol./hour)
  • Temperature and humidity measurements
  • Differential pressure measurements
  • Leak testing of absolute filters
  • Smoke testing of hoods and cleanrooms
  • Thermal and heat penetration mapping
  • Sound pressure measurements
  • Recovery time
  • CO2 measurements
We also offer alibration services for probes and measuring instruments with specific primary devices for manometers, transducers and temperature, pressure, humidity, Ph, conductivity and flow rate sensors.

Minor building maintenance

Flexibility, efficiency and rapid execution are the strengths of our minor building maintenance team, who offer the following services:
  • Blacksmith, glazier and carpenter work, plasterboarding, false ceilings and decorating
  • Interior and exterior finishes
  • Real estate maintenance and management