Here we see food as an important part of healthcare. We have consolidated experience in fact in the preparation of meals for the nutritionally frail. Every day, with doctors and dieticians, we produce menus that respect nutritional parameters and guarantee variety and palatability of meals for hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.

Hygiene is a basic requirement in hospitals and nursing homes: our cleaning services for wards and operating theatres are managed to extremely rigorous standards to guarantee maximum safety in terms of sanitization.

Our construction and technological maintenance services for utilities providers are dedicated to user comfort and the efficient operation of plant to rationalize costs and guarantee maximum reliability.


Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in the management of catering for patients, using both personalized trays and multi-portion trolleys. Food is prepared and distributed with the help of special software for personalized meal management. Our offering here is rounded out by management of self-service restaurants and bars for healthcare personnel and visitors.

Facility Tech Services

Our offering of Facility Tech services for hospitals and clinics includes the design, construction and maintenance of technological plants serving the operation of healthcare facilities. In particular, we specialize in validation and qualification services for laboratories and operating theatres to verify the reliability of plants and measure their degree of safety. We offer construction and maintenance of technological plants, energy management, maintenance engineering, calibration and minor building maintenance.

Facility Soft Services

We have put together a complete offering of Facility Soft services ranging from cleaning and sanitization to handling and porterage and management of outdoor areas.