Our mission

Taking care of people

by being a reliable partnerand a benchmark for our customers.

Having a positive impact on the environment

by valorizing the communities and territories we operate in.

Sharing new values

with our customers, our stakeholders and the people in our Group.

“People thrive on knowledge, affections, values, culture and food from their land, producing and innovating goods and services to improve their community’s well-being.

Health, safety, time, information and quality of lifestyles grow in value. By providing sustainable and ethical services, we offer people an experience that heightens their well-being and dignity.”

This is our vision

More than one value

Behind our Group there are not only quality services but also great values to share with all those who share our journey day after day.
Our most important values are:

Ethical Code

Our Group’s principles and values are stated in our Ethical Code, which defines the rules of conduct and responsibilities that all subjects entering relationships with us must respect. This document applies to all Camst personnel, irrespective of their role and function, and includes co-operative and funding partners, outsourced workers and company officers.