It’s to kids that we dedicate our biggest efforts, with catering services based on quality raw materials of certified provenance to ensure the highest standards of food safety.

We’re "at school" every day with food education projects featuring healthy nutrition programmes for students, parents and teachers. Besides the quality raw ingredients that make up our menus, there is the dedication of our qualified nutritionists and dieticians working to satisfy everyone’s diverse dietary needs.

Food education projects

In addition to our catering service for schools, we support food education projects aimed at students, parents and teachers.

Behind all the ingredients that make up our menus, in addition to quality raw materials, there is the professionalism and dedication of nutritionists and dieticians who work to satisfy different dietary needs and study healthy and correct nutrition programs.

More than one choice for schools

We promote the idea of food that’s healthy both for us and the environment we live in. Because we can’t really care about what we are eating if we don’t care for and respect our planet.


Camst means more than one choice. We offer schools and training colleges a range of additional services to choose from, so that together we can reach defined, shared and sustainable goals.

Technology and Innovation

We have released our school catering app to enable the families of our little consumers to be constantly updated on the meals offered for their lunch break. Our service also includes digital management for payment of school meals.


The school canteen is the ideal space to have meals at school and it must have certain characteristics – visual, acoustic, aesthetic and experiential – to make it a comfortable space where kids can feel at ease..