We see food as a basic ingredient in taking care of and improving health. Our approach to healthcare catering makes the patient and their specific nutritional needs the centre of attention. From solutions designed for nutritional frailty to the offering of dietary plans personalized for patients with particular pathologies: we have worked with numerous healthcare organizations across the country, including hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and rest homes.

Designed in collaboration with doctors and dieticians, our offering respects specific nutritional parameters and guarantees a wide variety of appealing food. We help people with various solutions, from direct management of kitchens to delivering meals to facilities and operating self-service restaurants and bars for healthcare personnel and visitors.

More than one choice for hospitals and care homes

We promote the idea of food that’s healthy both for us and the environment we live in. Because we can’t really care about what we are eating if we don’t care for and respect our planet.

Cooking and packaging technologies

We offer an array of cooking and packaging technologies for the preparation of meals, our aim being to guarantee balance, taste and palatability for patient satisfaction as well as compliance with product health/hygiene safety requisites.

Nutritional aspects

A correct food regime is to be considered a primary objective. It plays a substantial role, in fact, in the prevention and cure of numerous pathologies. A food regime is designed to improve the guest’s clinical condition and prevent any complications that might arise from unsuitable nutrition. CAMST’s dietetic staff draw up nutritional protocols to facilitate an adequate response to the dietotherapeutic needs of guests and patients and improve the quality of nutritional service. This is particularly important in the case of users suffering from nutritional frailty.
Personalized nutrition projects

Therapy with anticoagulants

Low sodium menu

Good nutritional state diet