It’s in our nature to look after everything that surrounds us, above all the wellbeing of animals. This is why we have adopted strategies enabling us to operate with full respect for all species, which also involves purchasing products from suppliers whose processes respect the health of all species.

The five freedoms for the wellbeing of animals:

Our values are in line with the five basic freedoms detailed below. We believe it’s essential to respect these freedoms and thereby avoid pointless suffering by animals.

Keeping animals in cages is one of the first practices we want to fight. We have decided in fact to commit to eliminating farming in cages in our shell egg production chain by 2023 and our egg products chain by 2025.

Our commitment in numbers:

Shell eggs

Our commitment in our egg production chain is born out by the figures. In 2015, 25% of shell eggs we purchased were from hens not raised in cages but in floor husbandry, free-range or organic farms. In 2020, 31% of shell eggs we purchased came from cage-free farms.

Egg products

Our commitment doesn’t stop with shell eggs but also includes all egg products, meaning food obtained by transforming eggs or various parts or mixtures of them. In this field, in 2017 and 2020, 55% of the egg products we purchased came from cage-free farms.

Good Egg Award

Winning the recognition of people who share our values is a further motivation to improve. In 2017, we won a CIWF – Compassion in World Farmin gGood Egg Award – an important accolade from a group whose mission is animal protection and welfare.

Our policy

When an objective is big, it’s important to join forces. To do this we decided to share our policy so people can see how we care about animal welfare every day. We apply our principles and practices to all our company’s supply chains, all species and all the territories in which we operate.