Our idea of a socially sustainable enterprise is based on the conviction that it’s not possible to grow without creating value in the territory you are operating in, for the partners you are building a future with, and for the employees and collaborators you are working with. Together we are committed to respecting people to supporting the communities we operate in, and to increasing the positive social impacts of our business.

We have chosen to:

More value for communities

Supporting the territories where we operate is a choice we renew every day through various cultural, sporting and solidarity projects in favour of associations and other organizations with which we work and build shared value. Positive relationships with all our stakeholders have enabled us to run projects to help develop cultural and social activities on a local level.

Combating violence against women

We have been engaged in initiatives and projects to stop violence against women for years and also promote equal opportunity projects. In addition to privileging the employment of women who are victims of violence throughout Italy, we produced and distributed “Exit. Uscite di sicurezza dalla violenza”, the first corporate guide to preventing and combating male violence against women, a publishing project offering useful information and advice to all women.